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I'm Raleah Janiece.

I am a seasoned professional in the field of business consulting and human resource management. With 20 plus years of experience I have built a reputation for delivering innovative solutions and driving organizational success.

With years of experience and enjoying the benefits of entrepreneurship,

London Sky Consulting was born!

It is my privilege to help other entrepreneurs reach new heights!

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Talent Acquisition and Development excelled in attracting and selecting top talent from diverse backgrounds with exceptional guest experiences.

Employment Engagement became stronger with implemented programs and initiatives.

Recruitment and Employee relations improved, understanding company's values and culture led to employee retention. Implemented strategies to improve employee morale and training programs for advancement.

Developed Skincare line by defining branding assets, research and development, product selection, and manufacturing with quality control methods.

Regulatory Compliance enforced along with Branding and Packaging for ecommerce and storefront.


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Are you looking to take your business to new heights? Let's reach them together.

Seeking expert guidance to navigate the complexities of today's ever-changing business landscape? Look no further! I am a seasoned and results-driven business consultant dedicated to helping companies like yours achieve their full potential.

With a deep understanding of various industries and a wealth of experience in providing strategic guidance, I specialize in delivering customized solutions that drive growth, improve efficiency, and enhance overall performance. Whether you're a startup aiming to disrupt the market or an established enterprise seeking to stay ahead of the competition, I have the expertise and insights to help you succeed.